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Suing lawyers for legal malpractice requires an experienced attorney


Suing in Arizona for Legal Malpractice

Mr. Lerner has a Martindale-Hubbell AV rating. An AV rating means a lawyer is highly rated in legal knowledge and professionalism. Mr. Lerner has experience on the issue of standard of care of lawyers because he has tried cases to juries on the issue of lawyer malpractice, served as an expert witness on lawyer negligence, and served as a Hearing Officer on lawyer ethics.

Stanley R. Lerner has practiced law in Arizona for 41 years and over 31 years of which has been devoted to suing lawyers in Arizona for legal malpractice when people and businesses suffer financial damage because of lawyer negligence or attorney breach of fiduciary duty.


Bad results in Arizona legal matters usually starts the client thinking about suing a lawyer for legal malpractice and hiring an Arizona legal malpractice attorney.

Were you or someone you know financially damaged by Arizona attorney malpractice? Did your attorney fail to file papers on time, which is called missing the Statute of Limitations? Did your lawyer fail to give you proper advice?

Arizona Legal malpractice reduces or eliminates personal injury recovery. Attorney negligence can cause unfair divorce results. Legal malpractice may cause losses to your business or cause financial damages in a real estate transaction. A lawsuit can be dismissed because a lawyer was negligent in failing to file the necessary documents on time or was negligent in serving the documents on the proper party. All of these occurrences are examples of legal malpractice in Arizona where you should consider suing your lawyer for legal malpractice.

A lawyer may be disloyal or act with a conflict of interest.

These acts of an attorney are known as breach of fiduciary duty. This type of Arizona legal malpractice can cause you financial harm or damages that may give rise to a lawsuit against your lawyer for lawyer malpractice.

If you are considering suing a lawyer in Arizona, then your claim for legal malpractice in Arizona must be filed against the lawyer within 2 years of you learning that your financial damages were caused by attorney negligence or breach of fiduciary duty.

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